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The day I found out if Mumbai’s streets were paved with gold at Zaveri Bazaar.

Last week the SVP Glitterati and all those that follow our adventures on our Instagram Stories voted for me to visit Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai. This area is home to over 700 jewellery wholesalers and shops, densely packed side by side down alleyways, streets, in tiny narrow side roads, squashed between buildings, not a spare inch of retail space in sight. Shops, stalls and alleyways are packed to the rafters and beyond with every kind of jewellery imaginable. t doesn't surprise me that 65% of all gold trading and dealing is done from this area of Mumbai. This area of Mumbai is one of the oldest parts with buildings going back to the 1800's and Zaveri Bazaar dates back over 200 years and jewellers like Tribhovandas Bhimji one of the biggest retailers in India have been there since 1864, it’s still run by the same family having been passed down from generation to generation. They turn over around $100 million dollars – big business. They were kind enough to let me take some very quick shots in there and I was very taken with a gold bracelet for £13,000 and a gold and diamond necklace for £130,000 – I left empty handed the husband will be pleased to know. The streets are lined with gold, diamonds, stones, costume and fashion jewellery and hair clip specialists as well as glasses, mugs, towels, rubber band shops, toy shops and much more, it's real Aladdins Cave. Zaveri Bazaar is located near Churchgate and other Bazaars such as the stationery market located at Abdul Rehman Street, Crawford Market for fruit, veg and spices and Mangaldas Market for fabric are all near by. It’s just amazing how much business is done importing and exporting in such small narrow spaces and because the streets are so narrow, people power is used to the max, whether it is transporting goods on their heads or by using bullock carts. How to describe this area is hard – vibrant, colourful, very busy, hardworking, noisy, squashed and incredibly hot kind of starts to sum it up. So yes, the pavements of Zaveri are paved with gold but so much more besides. I'm now off for a shower and a well deserved G&T. Want to decide where I go next? Please follow me on my Instagram stories to find out as I let you decide each week where I should visit next in the city.

Tribhovandas Bhimji

Zaveri_Bazaar_Mumbai_4 TBZ_Zaveri_Mumbai

Life at Zaveri Bazaar Mumbai


TBZ Diamonds around £130,000


TBZ Diamonds for a mere £25,000


This time Sapphires and Diamonds - £25,000 approx

Diamonds_Sapphire_Necklace_TBZ_Mumbai Gold_sign_Mumbai

Energy bar


Street side Jewellery display


Lunch time for these two, I like her necklace


More chains than Goldie Lookin Chain


The mango season has begun - the apple man is missing out


Bling, Bing and Bling


Please note you lot - ladies only


Crystal Corner sells plates and pans - just so you know

Zaveri_Bazaar_Mumbai_4 Zaveri_Bazaar_Mumbai_3 Zaveri_Bazaar_Bombay Watermelon_Handbag_Zaveri_Bazaar

Lime Sodas, possibly the best invention

Lime_Soda_Stall_Mumbai If you have got this far thank you for reading. And as a treat I am giving you 10% off your next order with the code xaveri10. Shop for your gold here Want to know how to get to Mumbai from the UK? Scroll down.... annamavridis_3_SVP_ Adjustable_Rings How do I get to Mumbai? The easiest way if you don’t know where you are going is to take an Uber (The Uber’s here in Mumbai are great and cheap too).If you feel nervous walking around on your own there are organised tours you can take too. I prefer finding things out for myself but if you want guidance try: Mumbai Magic Tours Grand Mumbai Tours I can’t vouch for either of them so I am not sure how good they will be. How to fly fry from UK to Mumbai I always fly Jet Airways from London Heathrow Terminal 4 They are consistently the cheapest with return flights starting at around £450 including taxes. The visas are easier now for holiday makers. Just go online and order yourself an e-visa, they usually come through in 24 hours. If there is somewhere where you'd like me to visit in the city please just leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you. Or if you have any suggestions or advice you need wen visiting India I will be happy to help. I hope you like the post, let me know what you think. SVP x
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