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Meet Sarah - Queen of Rings

Welcome to SARAH VERITY – a different kind of jewellery brand.

Curiosity led SARAH VERITY founder Sarah Parham to a whole new world. One that glittered with gemstones, beautiful people, amazing sights and exotic scenery: India.

In Jaipur, a craftsman she knew there let her design a gemstone ring as a thank you. When she arrived back in the UK with it on her finger, all her friends wanted to get their hands on one, too. But as much as everyone loved it, no one knew their ring size.

And right there, SARAH VERITY was born. Designed in the UK and hand-crafted by her artisans in Jaipur, Sarah blends beauty with her love of innovation. Her adjustable rings are all designed in recycled 18-carat gold vermeil and recycled sterling silver, with trusted dazzling gemstones.

Thanks to her comfortable adjustable SARAH VERITY band design, our rings will fit every finger.

Sarah’s designs are sold worldwide and are featured regularly in magazines. She was a finalist in the Retailer Jeweller Awards FOUR times and has won COMMERCIAL JEWELLERY DESIGNER OF THE YEAR.

SARAH VERITY collaborated to produce exclusive collections for Britain's most trusted influencer Erica Davies. Her rings are adorned by celebrities such as Jo Wiley, Zoe Ball and Lena Heady.

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Change is Beautiful.

Sarah changed career in her mid-forties and champions other women entrepreneurs. She believes that it’s small changes that can lead to better health and happiness.

She consults and is happy to chat to women who feel stuck, hate what they do or are just at a crossroads. Why not get in touch here:

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