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Wholesale & Distributor Enquiries

Let’s do great business with our award-winning adjustable rings.
At SARAH VERITY we won’t just give you a product and expect you to sell it. We treat our wholesalers just like we treat our customers.



Our SARAH VERITY Mantra: Surprise and Delight.

We believe teamwork makes for better sales and relationships.
We are a transparent brand. We share our story and show where and who makes our adjustable rings.
We work with you and your customers to help make the world a sparklier place.
We want our retailers to be happy, so anything we can do to help, such as jewellery evenings, promotions, give-aways and collaborations we’d love to talk.
We like to get to know all our stores. That’s why we travel and speak to people face to face, it’s better all round for business and it makes sure that we’re in all the right places.
We provide full staff training
Working with us is fun and enjoyable.
We are always up for a cup of tea, a piece of chocolate and a chat.
We love social media and are happy to help push your brand through ours. We love to see our jewellery make people happy and your business thrive.
If you’d like to know more about our award-winning jewellery company and how we can work together we’d love to hear from you, please email us at
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