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Discover the SARAH VERITY family.


Please be introduced to our amazingly talented team, without them, SARAH VERITY would not be possible.

The story of how Sarah Parham started SARAH VERITY can be read here, but this page is dedicated to everyone that works with us. Every person plays an integral part to the business and we think it’s important for you to see where your adjustable rings are hand-crafted, who makes them, who looks after them when they reach the U.K. and who helps look after all our amazing retailers and you too.

Our designing is mostly created in the U.K.,  but we like to keep things fluid and sometimes if we see incredible gemstones we will design in India too.

There are three factories in India; one for picking gemstones, one for cutting the gemstones and the other for creating everything we do for you.

19 pairs of hands hand-craft every single SARAH VERITY adjustable ring.

SVP Team - 19 Pairs of Hands

Each hand plays their part in bringing you the best designs, castings and gemstones, expertly faceted and cut with new interesting and beautiful designs.

Every piece is made using recycled sterling silver and recycled 18 carat gold vermeil. We love breathing new life into old by creating new pieces from recycled materials we are giving them a new life, sending them to new homes so they can live on through you with meaning in your lives.

It all starts with tea both in the U.K. and India.

We all love tea and it has played a huge part in building SARAH VERITY – Sarah refuses to meet in boardrooms, she finds them stuffy and out dated. By meeting people for tea regularly, we all feel able to talk more freely, everyone is more relaxed. Because of this more ideas come out and honest feedback is gathered. It is the same when Sarah goes to India – all business is conducted over tea, it keeps us all talking, experimenting with new ideas and ways of working together.

Jaipur – U.K.

Once our SARAH VERITY adjustable rings have been quality controlled and packed and sent they arrive in the U.K. to our warehouse. It is Dan that receives our rings in from India and Donna that picks and packs up everything from our web sales and for all our lovely retailers.

And then it's over to you to begin your own journey with each of our adjustable rings. 

SVP Team - Jaipur - UK


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