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An invitation to design an SVP adjustable Ring.

SVP Jewellery wants you to design the next adjustable ring.

We are really excited to announce that we are inviting our Instagram community to design an adjustable ring. I always think of SVP as our customers brand rather than mine. I am a firm believer that jewellery has to really mean something to the person buying it and i think this is a great way to create something with true meaning to all. We are in really challenging times and by creating something positive together will hopefully give is a little more sparkle.

Bringing you all together.

And as as we have just reached the 10K mark on Instagram I thought it would be great to bring everyone closer together to design a ring. We will be asking people a question every evening from Wednesday 29th April 2020 at 6pm. You'll be able to choose between metals, gemstones, settings and we will all decide on a name together too. When our craftspeople are back at work the ring will be lovingly hand-crafted by their hands and sent to everyone that would like one for their hands. Bringing our craftspeople and our community closer together is key for growth and to keep the brand fresh and exciting. Want to join in? Follow us on Instagram @svpjewellery. Our designing starts this Wednesday at 6pm on instagram stories. See you there. SVP
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