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Sarah Verity X Kate Hiscox - Wears My Money

Kate Hiscox Wears My Money Vintage Ring

We are excited to share our latest collaboration with Kate Hiscox.

Our new limited edition adjustable ring is designed to fit every finger and can be worn by anyone. The vintage-inspired ring is made of recycled 18-carat Gold Vermeil over recycled Sterling Silver, which ensures that someone's old vintage piece has been melted down and reimagined as a modern vintage piece for you.

Our vintage-inspired adjustable ring

Kate's love for vintage jewellery and our passion for using recycled materials have come together to create a beautiful and unique piece. The green and pink colour combination of the two different gemstones and shapes is stunning and can be worn as a single ring or stacked together.

We hope this adjustable ring inspires you to embrace the beauty of vintage and recycled materials and to appreciate the unique story behind each piece of jewellery.

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Recycled 18-carat Gold Vermeil over Recycled Sterling Silver.

By using recycled materials we ensure that someone's old vintage piece has been melted down and reimagined as a modern vintage piece for yours keeping with Kate's love of the old. 

Kate Hiscox Wears My Money X Sarah Verity vintage adjustable ring

What is Sterling Silver and why do we use it?

Sterling Silver is a precious metal, when you see 925 silver that means it has been created out of 92.5% Sterling Silver and the rest is made up of copper and zinc. Why? The copper and zinc add the hardness to the metal making it hard-wearing and easier to create into beautiful pieces for you. When you see the word silver jewellery - silver relates to the colour, not the metal. We believe jewellery should be precious and created from precious metals that is why we use recycled sterling silver and recycled 18-carat gold across our brand ensuring you know what you are buying.

Kate and I got to work using Pinterest and our imagination to develop a new adjustable ring that is both beautiful and vintage-inspired. We love the green and pink colour combination (they are opposites on the colour spectrum hence they look great together) Using two different gemstones and shapes have been offset so you can wear one ring or stack up two or three together. Anyone who knows me knows I love the maxi look and this beautiful ring makes the perfect day-to-night piece. 

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Green Sapphire Quartz and Pink Quartz 

The green sapphire quartz has been emerald cut by hand and measures around 8mm x 6mm and the pretty Rose Quartz pear drop is approximately 7mm x 4mm.

It takes 19 pairs of hands to create each special piece just for you. The super-adjustable band will ensure this pretty ring fits you and the recycled metals ensure that these rings will start a new journey and story just with you.

We hope you love this adjustable ring as much as we do.

Please note the ring sizer will need to be bought separately and there is no gemstone meaning card on this limited edition so we could keep the price down for you. 

Wear Rose Quartz for love and Green Sapphire Quartz for creativity and positivity.

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 Kate Hiscox Wears My. Money x Sarah Verity Jewellery Adjustable Ring

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