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Malachite – The Transformation Gemstone.

Where does Malachite come from?

Malachite is a fascinating gemstone with a rich history dating back to ancient times.

The name Malachite is said to come from the Greek word "malakos," which means soft, although it is a robust stone that can withstand a lot.

This pretty green gemstone has captured the hearts of many cultures throughout the centuries, including the Greeks and the Egyptians, who mined it as far back as 4000 BC.


Malachite can be found in various locations around the world, including Egypt, Israel, Russia, Australia, and the Amazon Jungle.

The history of Malachite

What is Malachite?

Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral that forms in unique swirling patterns and has a silky lustre. Although it is a rare occurrence to see this mineral in crystallised form, when it does happen, Malachite forms long, needle-like stalactites. This mineral was first reported in 1747 and was named after the Greek word "malache" (mallow) by J.G. Wallerius due to its green colour.

Malachite often appears alongside Azurite and Chrysocolla, either within or on top of them. Malachite adjustable ring

What is Malachite used for?

Malachite was and is used for various purposes such as adorning jewellery and it was also ground down and used for Cleopatra-inspired eye shadows and make-up.

What is the meaning of Malachite?

Even in the Middle Ages, Malachite was highly regarded for its healing properties and its ability to protect against negative energies and curses.

Malachite fills our auric fields with positivity, while simultaneously repelling all the negativity outwards. Malachite has the ability to create a “cloak of invisibility” around the user, which helps you avoid confrontations and become less vulnerable to negative energies. Additionally, this stone helps maintain emotional balance, especially when people around you burden you with their own emotional baggage.

Malachite also provides the strength of will to confront and overcome any emotional and physical blockages that may be present in your current life.

Lastly, it is said to help people who struggle with self-confidence and self-accountability. This powerful mineral is essential for anyone who is constantly working on their spiritual growth. By opening the heart, Malachite facilitates balance on all levels.

Hence, Malachite is known as the transformation stone

We think Malachite should be on display preferably on hands – it is too beautiful not to be. 

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