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Green Chalcedony - the nurturing gemstone


Light Green chalcedony adjustable ring

The history of Green Chalcedony

Green Chalcedony is a very hard stone and dates back to 32,000 BC in Central Australia where it was used in tool making. The Greeks and Romans carved the stones into cameos and it was also used for seal impressions because hot wax would not stick to the stone.

Chalcedony has been prized for its healing properties for many thousands of years. It was believed in ancient times that a chalice made from silver and lined with Chalcedony would prevent poisoning.

The name of the stone comes from the Latin word “chalcedonius” and is named after the Roman province of Chalcedon, known today as Kadikoy located in present-day Turkey.

Chalcedony has been found in Brazil, India, Mexico, Morocco, the USA, Namibia, New Zealand, Russia, and Turkey.

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Discover the healing properties of Green Chalcedony

Green Chalcedony is known for its powerful healing and calming properties and is often used as an emotional healing stone and is often used for meditation and creating an emotional balance and a clear mind.

Green Chalcedony is also believed to promote courage, friendliness and goodwill.

It alleviates hostility and transforms melancholy into joy.  Eases self-doubt.  Creates openness and enthusiasm.  Absorbs and dissipates negative thoughts, emotions and bad dreams.

This pretty nurturing stone is also said to help with inner peace.

The spiritual meaning of Green Chalcedony

The beautiful green colour of Green Chalcedony is associated with the Heart Chakra, for love, while the bluish hues in the crystal represent the Throat Chakra, for communication. Stones that balance the Heart Chakra are perfect for lovers and those seeking an emotional connection with others. It’s also perfect for those in acting or public speaking roles.

Chalcedony is associated with the astrological sign for Gemini.

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