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Be your own hero with our new Hero adjustable rings.

Become your own Hero with our brand new SVP adjustable rings. Choose from three beautiful rings available in sterling silver and 18 carat gold vermeil. Get your Happy on with our pretty adjustable ring set with Emerald Quartz. This stone is used when someone needs to recover from emotional trauma and become more aware of the needs of the heart. It enhances unconditional love, unity and can promote friendship. Let's get Happy. HOR01GQYV_Hero_Happy_Green_Quartz_Sterling_Silver HOR01GQYV_Hero_Happy_Green_Quartz_Gold_Vermei Let our courage rings give you just that - a good dose of courage to guide you through daily life. Set with two clear quartz stones which is believed to bring back lost memories, solve problems, dispel negativity and help us rediscover abilities that have been lost. It keeps us in close contact to the spiritual side of our personality.HOR03WQSS_Hero_Courage_Clear_Quartz_Sterling_Silver HOR03WQYV_Hero_Courage_Clear_Quartz_Gold_Vermeil For those that need to find strength let these amazing adjustable rings guide and help you. Set with two Black Quartz gemstones - a powerful protective crystal that can ward off negativity which might otherwise affect your body, heart, mind and soul. It helps to cleanse your aura so you attract only positive vibrations. HOR02BQYV_Hero_Strong_Black_Quartz_Gold_Vermeil HOR02BQSS_Hero_Strong_Black_Quartz_Sterling_Silver Wear your inner Hero here.
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