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Discover the limited collection of Friendship adjustable rings by SVP X Muthahood.

How SVP, Queen of Rings met Gemma Boss Lady of The Strong Girls Club.

Instagram has really changed my life. In a positive way, I have met so many incredible women on the platform and Gemma isa someone I have followed for a long time. I don't have children but greatly admire what she does, believes in and the message she is spreading. I was actually really nervous meeting her (don't tell her that though, will you?). She is hugely inspirational to me and I love the business she has built. Muthahood-strong-girls-club-collaboration-with-svp-jewellery

Tea brings ideas.

We often chatted through our phones until I suggested a real life meet up, over tea of course. (We discovered we only live about 5 miles from each other). We talked about Gemma's online brand Muthahood, the home and community of The Strong Girls Club and what is stands for: to believe in their self-worth, value your voice and find the courage to be heard and we talked about SVP and our mantra; Change is Beautiful - encouraging and supporting small positive changes for better health and happiness. Our gemstone meanings kept coming up in conversation and by the end of two pots of tea we decided to collaborate and design a collection using stones that really mean something to both of us and hopefully all of you.

Here is what triggered Gemma to start Muthahood.

'The birth of my second glorious Red Head wasn't easy. It was traumatic and led to a very surprising dose of PTSD. I say surprising, because I had no idea this was even something you could get from having a baby. During treatment for that I realised that true strength doesn't necessarily mean being the strongest in the room; but that the way you respond to challenging times can really be a true definition of strength. Since then it’s been my mission to encourage others to believe in their worth, value their voice and find the courage to be heard. I spend a lot of my time nurturing my two girls’ confidence, as well as the thousands of women who share the same sense of self reflection that follow my antics, life observations and encouragement on Instagram. ' I'd like to add that she is also very warm, funny and entertaining - you most definitely want to hang out in her gang.

Discover the SVP x Muthahood Friendship adjustable rings.

It takes 19 pairs of hands to meticulously hand-craft each SVP ring. We use recycled Sterling Silver and 18 Carat Gold Vermeil set with semi-precious gemstones. For this Friendship collection we have used three gemstones used for their strong meanings that tie in with us, SVP and Muthahood. These rings are designed to stack, and as they’re fully adjustable they’re for every finger. Wear them layered and give them to friends to encourage a feeling of connection between you as well as a connection to the meaning of the stone. SVP X Muthahood Friendship Adjustable Rings MHR01MQYV-Muthahood-Multi-Friendship-Rose-Quartz-Green-Chalcedony-Rainbow-Moonstone-Gold-Veremil-SVP-Ring MHR01MQSS-Muthahood-Multi-Friendship-Rose-Quartz-Green-Chalcedony-Rainbow-Moonstone-Sterling-Silver-SVP-Adjustable-Ring Muthahood-Strong-Girls-Club-Friendship-Ring-Rose-Quartz-Gold-Vermeil Muthahood-Strong-Girls-Club-Friendship-Ring-Rose-Quartz-Sterling-Silver MHR01LGYV-Muthahood-Mini-Friendship-Green-Chalcedony-Gold-Veremil-SVP-Ring MHR01LGSS-Muthahood-Mini-Friendship-Green-Chalcedony-Sterling-Silver-SVP-Ring

It's all in the meanings.

Rose Quartz for love, Light Green Chalcedony for nurturing and Rainbow Moonstone for Clarity. You can read more on the images below. Each ring comes in it's own SVP bespoke gift box and stone meaning card making these friendship rings perfect for friends, children and of course just for you. Rose_Quartz_Stone_Meaning_SVP_Jewellery Light_Green_Chalcedony_Stone_Meaning_SVP_Jewellery Rainbow_Moonstone_Stone_Meaning_SVP_Jewellery

Sharing the love.

Our rings have been designed by me, Sarah Queen of Rings with Gemma from Muthahood from the heart and we hope you love them as much as we do. Sarah Queen of Rings x . Gemma Boss Lady x. Shop our collection here

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