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Edge of Home use SVP Jewellery to star in their new campaign.

We were so excited when we were approached by Edge of Home to star in their new campaign, as you can see the results are amazing. Shot by the super-talented Alexandra Kingo and styled by the creative duo behind the Edge of Home brand - Emily Rees & Sadie Cragg. We caught up with them to find out a little more about Edge of Home and what makes them tick. edgeofhome-abigailsparty How did you come up with the idea of Edge of Home? EMILY: Weirdly, I have been fascinated with interiors – well decorating at least – since I was a kid. My Mum would take me to FADS in the early 90s just to leaf through all the wallpaper samples in those huge binders and stroke the bobbly anaglypta. When I was 15 my parents let me decorate my bedroom by myself. I went all Jackson Pollock and splattered green and turquoise paint all over the ceiling. It was totally, utterly terrible but I enjoyed it and the passion for interiors was planted. Skip forward a few years, and my passion became an obsession – I have put my husband and two kids through 3 house renovations (my 5 year old has lived in them all). Our most recent house renovation (and current home) was to move in next door to Sadie and her family in Hastings. Sadie and I realised we shared the same lifelong interest in interiors – she had renovated her home too and had assisted an interiors stylist on Elle Decoration a years ago before moving to Cape Town to become the Fashion Director at Marie Claire South Africa. I was experimenting with fabric design, and knew I wanted to make it into a job somehow and Sadie was considering her work / career opportunities after having three children which would allow her to develop her creative side and love of crafting and making. We decided that if we could have a business that we could fit around the 5 kids we have between us, it was a goer. Edge of Home was born – and we run it literally from the edge of each other’s homes! What do you love best about what you do? SADIE: As a lifelong knitter and sewer I love the making and designing side of things. I have made clothes for my kids, family and friends for years. There is nothing like developing an idea from your head into something tangible...a great sense of achievement. Emily and I work well as a partnership - her tendency is to throw every idea or colour at the table and mine is to simplify everything with clean lines, and matching tones. Between us we get a good balance! Your brand is a riot of colour - do you have a favourite? SADIE - Anything that works with black! We have used an element of black in many of our products and we enjoy the way the bolder colours ‘pop’ against it. I don’t think either of us would have considered ourselves fans of pink (even aged 4!) but we have both been influenced by the amount of soft pink that has crossed over from fashion into interiors recently. edgeofhome-twinpeaks What medium do you like working best in? SADIE: I enjoy working with tactile elements. I will play with physical fabric swatches and drape them over cushions, lampshades or chairs to see how they fit best and further develop the ideas in my head. EMILY: With my background in graphic design, I am married to Adobe creative suite – we make a good partnership because I can get patterns print ready on Photoshop and Sadie can mock them up into a cushion to see if the scale works. Where do you find your inspiration? EMILY: As a general rule we like pop graphic styles that are slightly tongue-in-cheek. We have backgrounds in Art History and Fashion so these are huge influences. Recently we designed a bespoke table taking inspiration from a book in our studio on Constructivism and Theo Van Doesburg. 70s is big in fashion at the moment and we have just added a 70s chair to our Re-Live collection of reupholstered and revitalised furniture. What is your home style like? SADIE: We have mirror image Victorian town houses with lots of character cornicing/features and too many stairs! We both love that mix of contemporary and traditional. Emily’s is mostly painted black and pink with white features, and mine is white with some black dramatic spaces. Because of the expanse of space and potential we both consider them to be continually work in progress - we are constantly changing and tweeking depending on what inspires us. Obviously both work well with pops of colourful homewares. What would be your one top style tip for your home? SADIE: Be bold with colour! Do not be afraid to experiment... we recently repainted a wall in Emily’s front room pink just for a photoshoot – it was quicker that you’d think and gives a totally different look. Have you got a favourite piece and why? SADIE: Our new 70s chair from our Re-Live furniture collection – it has pale pink legs and pink velvet finished off without PLAYPAINT abstract pattern on the seat. It totally defines our style and was a design collaboration between Emily and I which shows two heads are better than one. We’ll be doing more chairs like this for sure! What’s your favourie holiday destination? SADIE: Sri Lanka it’s a fascinating, diverse, beautiful place with amazing food. EMILY: New York – love all the craziness and bustling vibe! What’s your favourite tipple? EMILY: Little Bird Gin SADIE: Pints of Larger (and a packet of crisps!) What does 2016 have in store for you? Chairs, new fabrics, chairs, upholstery and more chairs! What are your top 3 places to visit in Hastings where you are based? The Crown Pub – we’ve had many an eveing ‘business’ meeting here. Antique shops on high street – you can get such unusual gems at affordable prices. Observer Building – a creative arts warehouse space for all the family. Basically a cross between a kids activity centre and a pub with nachos served from a beech hut. What piece of clothing do you wear most? EMILY: Playsuits SADIE: New You Must Create wool tailored trousers – comfort and style in one! edgeofhome-madmen-ring2
Photography by: Alexandra Kingo Set Design & Styling by: Emily Rees & Sadie Cragg @ Edge of Home Food Styling by: Lucy-Ruth Hathaway Nail Art by: Valentina Syed Model: Anna Fruschiante
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