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Hello welcome to the world of SVP, the new jewellery brand by Sarah Parham.

This is jewellery collection is inspired by my childhood in West Africa – it reminds me of the sunshine there, the brightness and the colour. I love the way each gemstone catches the light. No two stones are the same and each has different properties that match a mood.

Because I wear clothes and accessories in different ways my SVP jewellery had to be something I could change up as often as my outfits (which is often). Each SVP ring is designed to fit any finger so you can change your look every day. And because I love stacking rings to make a big statement, I wanted to access that with my designs. For me it’s a bit of everyday luxury.

From interchangeable necklaces (coming soon!) to my favourite stackable rings, I design alongside highly skilled craftspeople whose enviable talents have been passed down through generations. Wherever possible I’ll choose hand over machine to give a more natural finish and to support my team’s precious talents.

Why not take a look, browse around the site and get in touch. We’d love to find your perfect piece for you.

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