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Find out how our favourite bloggers get hands on with SVP.

We absolutely love how you have all been collecting and styling our rings and of course we see everything you post and tag, but we thought it would be nice to share the love all the gorgeous images, outfits and styles that have popped up over Instagram and on blogs over the past year with you all. We've had everyone from the brilliant Erica Davies,the super stylish Lorna Luxe, our brand ambassador, constant support and all round brilliant person - TV presenter Antonia O' Brien, to the 'I want every outfit she wears' Laura Jackson, Fashion Editor, stylist and brand consultant Harriet Stewart ,the beautiful Alexis Foreman of StyleMemos who has supported us since we first launched, Storm Keating model and brand ambassador for Positive Luxury as well as all our amazing customers and everyone else that has crossed our path, there are literally too many people to mention. BUT, a great big sparkly thank you all and everyone else for sharing the love and getting your #handsonsvp And to show how grateful we are and to help spread the word we have put on our biggest sale ever with every single item we have in stock on sale. I know I shouldn't mention this and you'll have to imagine I am writing this in a whisper ..... Christmas.... eeek, I know, I know but because all the rings are adjustable they do make perfect gifts:). There really hasn't been a better time to get your #handsonsvp and start sharing the love. SVP x P.S. Thank you to everyone for their images. Antonia O'Brien SVP Jewellery Antonia O'Brien SVP Jewellery I am Laura Jackson SVP adjustable rings CEO and Founder SVP Jewellery adjustable ring Antonia O'Brien SVP jewellery adjustable rings Lorna Luxe SVP Jewellery Erica Davies SVP Jewellery Alexis Foreman Stylememos SVP Jewellery Storm Keating SVP Jewellery Erica Davies SVP jewellery  SVP Jewellery adjustable rings Harriet Stewart SVP Jewellery
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