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Meet Amelia Taylor - the talented influencer who has launched her own adjustable ring collection with us

Tell us a little about yourself Amelia.

Hello, my name is Amelia Taylor and I am a content creator for lifestyle, fashion, beauty and interiors. I am 26 years old and was brought up in Sussex. I studied Textiles Design at Bournemouth University of Arts and awarded Hand & Lock Digital Embroidery 2018 when I finished my degree. Now in living in West London pursuing my career and passion of creating content for brands.

How did you decide to become a brand ambassador/influencer?

When starting my final year of university, I wanted to start a fashion Instagram portfolio, which initially I hoped would create a following, so when it came to building a company I would have an existing audience who already loved my style. From then on, it grew quite quickly and straight after university, fortunately I was able to take the plunge and became a content creator from there onwards. I absolutely love where it has taken me. Working with my favourite brands in different creative ways and the incredible experiences.

 What was your inspiration behind the SVP X Amelia Taylor collection?

SVP truly was enough inspiration behind the collection. We first picked out my favourite stones which is the Rainbow Moonstone and the Rose Quartz. We then paired them with SVP new stone addition which is the Tiger Eye. A beautiful stone full of rich mahogany browns. I love the pairing of the stones and the meaning behind them felt very connected.

Sarah Parham Queen of Rings with Amelia Taylor - adjustable ring collaboration

With spring in mind and my style being quite neutral focused. I wanted to create a collection which was classic and would pair with everyone’s style and colouring. With the shapes and sizes, we wanted to create quite a dainty collection which look elegant separately or paired together. Also, the perfect pieces to of course compliment the other SVP rings. So versatile and that’s what I love!

SVP X Amelia Taylor Adjustable Ring collaboration. Three expandable rings in rose quartz, tigers eye and rainbow moonstone

Show us how you like to wear your rings.

My go to style in pairing the oval Rose Quartz with the rectangle Rainbow Moonstone on my right ring finger and the Tiger Eye on my right index finger.

Which fashion pieces are on your hit list for this season?

A basket bag from either Loewe or Celine, All of the daily sleeper dress collection and some lace Chloe trainers….I could go on.

What is your self-care ritual?

Keeping it super simple with my favourite self care ritual is an early night. Rest is so important, to heal, unwind and to reset. 

What are your hopes and ambitions for 2022?

It is a scary world at the moment, so mainly focus on being grateful for everything and being present.

To travel!

To further pursue my career, which I am loving right now and to hopefully be the year I push some ideas, stay tuned!

Amelia X

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