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Meet the SVP Jewellery crystal expert; Tara from Crystallinedreams.

Thank you to all 0f you that led us down this path. We loved seeing your votes via our instagram stories. You asked SVP to enable you all to shop via stone meaning. We have enlisted our first crystal expert to help us do this whilst giving us valuable lessons along the way. We are delighted for you to meet Tara Stubbs-Olowoye, crystal healer. Tana_Crystallinedreams_SVP_Jewellery

How did you first get into crystals?

I first learned about crystals in my Intuitive Wellness Certificate Program. Previously, I had a spiritual experience where suddenly I had Reiki (I had first heard about it the week before), so I began reading everything I could about it, which led me to a book, The Reluctant Tarot Reader, by Raven Mardirosian. Having enjoyed the book so much, I looked her up and realized that she would soon co-teach this Intuitive Wellness Program, so I signed up and learned about all sorts of intuitive healing techniques. I was mostly drawn to crystals, and have come to realize that I have past life experience with them. My very first crystals were engraved with chakra symbols, and from there I went to work on my insomnia (Howlite, Amethyst, and Lepidolite) and some other issues that I really needed to let go (Obsidian!).

What is your favourite crystal and why?

It’s always challenging to choose a favorite crystal--kind of like trying to choose a favorite child! I always gravitate to Gabbro, Seraphinite, Fluorite, and Rose Quartz. In my pocket at the moment are Seraphinite, Tiger’s Eye, and Lithium Quartz. The thing about crystals...they choose us. We are drawn to the ones that want to work with us, and after some time, we may put them down for a while only to pick them up again years later. Some of my most loved crystals disappear and return later, even years later (still looking for you, Shungite!!). Crystals_SVP_Jewellery_Crystallinedreams

How does healing with crystals work?

Healing with crystals works via energy and vibration. Each crystal has specific properties that work with you and your intentions or issues. Some prefer to be in your aura as often as possible, where others are happy to simply be in your home or office. If you feel the urge to carry a particular crystal around in your pocket, then that crystal wants to be near you as much as possible. Because time and space are illusions, you can also work with crystals you don’t own or that are still part of Mother Earth.

What crystal has the most powerful property and why?

I don’t see any one crystal as being more powerful than others. Some crystals amplify the properties of crystals around them, such as Clear Quartz and Herkimer Diamond, which is a fun way to work with crystals, especially in building grids. People often ask me if it’s better to work with raw or tumbled crystals, to which I reply, “Work with what you have.” Putting effort and energy into the discussion of which is better takes energy away from healing. So put your energy into your healing and work with what you have. Clear_Quartz_crystal_SVP_Jewellery

How do you find the transition from treating people in the US to the UK?

I moved to the UK from the US in late 2016. It took a while to acclimate myself and settle in, and in the process, I evolved quite a bit, partly in how I conduct sessions and energy work. The British are generally more open to working with crystals and other forms of alternative healing, but other than that, there really isn’t much difference. What I have learned in my travels and living abroad is that people everywhere face similar issues; we are all far more alike than we are different.

Why should we believe in crystals?

You don’t have to believe in the power of crystals. There is no rule saying, “Thou shalt believe!” in anything. Crystals are something that I have found to help me along my path. Different things work for different people...some may prefer essential oils or hot yoga or organised religion. That is all completely fine, as long as we are respectful of one another. When I talk to people who don’t believe in crystals (and usually anything at all metaphysical), I tell them that I have no desire to convert them, and remind them that even if crystals actually do nothing, there is, at minimum, a placebo effect that can be beneficial. Most crystals are completely harmless, and some, such as Shungite, are scientifically proven to be beneficial (in the case of Shungite, it is excellent for purifying water--Google it!). You might also be surprised to find crystals in many of our everyday objects--Quartz in watches, Black Tourmaline in hair straighteners, etc. Shungite_crystals_healing_SVP_Jewellery

Tell us about crystal grids — how do you go about setting them up and why do we need them?

To set up a grid, choose your crystals and lay them out in whatever shape or pattern you like. It’s that simple! Some people prefer to use specific shapes and others include flowers or other plant matter. It is entirely up to you. Crystal grids help us focus on specific intentions, as well as generate energy. Grids can be small with only a handful of crystals, or as large as you’d like. In fact, many of us have been gridding Mother Earth for quite a few years now. I always use a crystal grid in my sessions, as it helps me understand what my client needs and works subtly while I do my own energy work. SVP Jewellery Crystal grid

What is the best way to keep crystals?

Keep them as you like or as they tell you! I have crystals in various places throughout my home, including Rose Quartz in the love and relationships corner and Citrine, Chrysoprase, Pyrite, and Amethyst in the prosperity corner (look for a bagua online to learn about this!). Everyone in my family has crystals beside their beds or in their pillow cases. Sometimes crystals like to move around, pay attention and ask them, and you’ll know where best to keep your crystals! Oh, and some like to occasionally sit under a full moon or full sunlight.

For crystals to work, do I need to carry them around with me all the time?

Not necessarily. Some crystals can be quite intense--I remember working with Obsidian for three weeks one time, carrying it around with me and sleeping with it under my pillow. It was a very intense three week long rollercoaster, filled with many, many, many tears. So no, you do not have to keep a certain crystal with you at all times. You may choose to keep some by your bed and some in your bag, simply do what feels right for you.

How often do you recommend someone has a crystal healing session?

That is dependent entirely upon the client. I’ve had some who come back as frequently as every couple of months, and others who have sessions only once or twice per year.

What happens in a crystal reading?

It is different for different practitioners--I personally ask the crystals who wants to work with my upcoming client prior to the session and lay them in a grid (particularly for distance sessions; I will often ask my clients to choose themselves for in-person sessions). Initially, I do not know much about my client beyond a name and contact information. When the crystals pop up, I am able to see patterns or themes of what my client may be working on. I ask my client to set one or two intentions for the session, and then we get to work. My clients have felt a wide variety of sensations, anything from vibration and spinning to waves of warmth, or simply falling asleep. A fair number of clients have had their own visions or otherwise received messages. After the crystal and energy work, we chat about things that came up, including discussing those sensations. My clients are welcome to ask questions, and we work out an action plan for moving forward. This always includes drinking more water.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Well, I don’t feel guilty about it, but I LOVE Outlander, both the series of (currently 8) books and the TV show. Diana Gabaldon, who authors the books, weaves crystals, energy healing, herbalism, natural medicine, tarot, astrology, time travel along with a fair amount of human history into her work….basically it’s all the fun quantum physics and metaphysical things you can imagine, along with amazing plot lines and, of course, a great love story.

Who do you admire most and why?

I really admire my mother-in-law. She is the kindest, most generous person I know; she has built several schools to educate many thousands of students in Nigeria, and she set up a foundation to take care of orphans and countless others who need a helping hand. When she faces adversity, she always successfully navigates it and comes out stronger. She knows when to work, when to play, and when to rest. I admire her dedication to her religion, even if I don’t share it. I am always in awe watching her, and happy to share a life with her.

Tell us three unusual things about yourself.

Hmmmm...crystals aren’t enough?? :-D
  1. While I’ve been vegetarian for nearly two decades, I became vegan about 4 years ago when my youngest child was diagnosed with multiple life-threatening food allergies at 3 months old. And I’ve learned to bake because of that!
  2. My entire life made sense to me upon discovering the work of Dolores Cannon (I started with The Custodians) and now her daughter, Julia. Dolores was a hypnotherapist who developed her own healing technique over the course of decades working with people. She’s written a number of books based on what she learned in those sessions.
  3. Even after being in the UK for almost 2 years, I still use American vocabulary. So if you ever hear someone on the streets talking about “pants,” it’s probably me. And no, I’m not referring to undergarments!

How can people contact you to learn more?

You can contact me via phone/text/WhatsApp at 07834 899111, via email at, through my website at, through the Crystalline Dreams Facebook page or Instagram. I will often respond within a couple of hours, depending on time zones--yours and mine--and certainly within 24 hours. Keep your crystals on you all day every day with SVP adjustable rings. Welcome to our brand new shop by meaning page here.

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