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Paying thanks with the God of Work.

For those that follow us at SVP jewellery, you'll know that I regularly visit Jaipur in India so I can oversee our new collections, share with you our talented craftspeople and of course wonderful India and all it's amazingness. In my quest to create a friendly, kind transparent brand I take you all along with me through Instagram and Instagram Stories @svpjewellery, if you don't follow us we'd love you to come along our daily life with us as we grow a meaningful brand. Blessing god of work SVP Jewellery Jaipur

Why doing business face to face is good for business.

Face to face meetings are always best. Whether it's in the UK or India, it's better for building relationships, better for communication and better to discover and find out new ideas and ways of working.

There is always something new to discover in India.

This time was no exception. All work suddenly stopped. I was asked to go from the office which is where I had been overseeing some castings into where all the craftspeople sit and create our wonderful pieces. The priest had arrived. Everyone downed tools. Silence. I was told that the priest had come not for any religious purpose, more for a spiritual one. The 17th September is God of Work Day. It's a day where people in industries that make things like construction or in our case jewellery take time to pay thanks to all the tools they have around them that enable them to do the jobs they do.

Mindfulness and kindness.

God of Work Day allows people reflection and to be grateful and pay thanks for the tools that surround them. It's the tools that help enable them to create beautiful pieces for all of you. Time is our most precious commodity so to take time out to pay thanks for what we have that allows us to do what we do is a reminder how important it is to stop - and be thankful. God of Work at SVP Jewellery

A ritual for good work, for health and for strength.

I was lucky enough to be invited in and blessed. The ceremony takes 30 minutes and the priest gives rice for food and flowers for growth and chants, blessing the equipment with garlands of marigolds and fruit. I was then given a band which was tied around my wrist - wear it for good work, for health (the band is made with turmeric) and for strength. Wear until it falls apart they said.

Passing on the God of Work to you.

I was gifted the bands of turmeric and cotton to pass on to you - for your health, good work and strength.#changeisbeautiful Free Gift - God of Work with SVP Jewellery

A God of Work Band is FREE with every SVP purchase.

*until stocks last SVPx SVP Jewellery Jaipur God of Work blessing

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