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Pre-order our new Fortuna adjustable rings

Welcome to our latest collection of adjustable rings.

Meet Fortuna. Created for new fortunes to be made as the world slowly starts to move on.

Adjustable rings with emblems.

This collection began with the idea of a freedom adjustable ring. I wanted something to symbolise new beginnings and to give us all a subtle statement to show the world that we can again move forward and fly. Set with one of your favourite gemstones - blue sunstone, this beautiful gem sparkles like a deep night sky and adorns a wings motif.

Fortuna Freedom Adjustable Ring SVP Jewellery

Hello happiness. 

Next came the evil eye - to ward off negativity and to guard against misfortune bringing luck and protection all adorned on a smooth slice of Black Quartz for happiness. 

Evil eye adjustable black quartz ring SVP jewellery

Keep calm and grab love and friendship with our lotus adjustable rings.

I adore opal quartz - it's just like wearing a party on your hand all day, every day. What's not to love? Time to disco around the supermarkets and dance under the stars. The lotus symbol is for purity and the opal is for optimism and for joy which is just how these rings make you feel.

Opal quartz lotus adjustable ring in gold and silver SVP jewellery

Simple adjustable rings.

All the rings in the new collection are available without emblems giving you 16 to choose from. 

You can pre-order the new collection until Sunday 19th September 2021 here.

Please note the emblem adjustable rings are for pre-order only.

Which adjustable ring is your favourite?

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