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Shop unconditional love this Mother's Day.

The first Mother's Day was founded in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, who campaigned for such a day after her Mother's death. The first symbol for Mother's Day was a single white carnation and from there commercialization grew. This day is for all the mother's out there in all their guises. It's a day to recognise the love and work mother's do the world over. Why not show your love this Mother’s Day with our adjustable rings set with lust-worthy gemstones with real stone meaning. A gift that's with her all year round as a reminder of your love for her. We've put together a special gemstone edit of adjustable rings for you to choose from from just £25.

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Which stone means the most to your mum?

Blue Lace Agate - Care for me Rose Quartz - For unconditional love Light Green Chalcedony - The nurturing stone Smoky Quartz - For boosting moods and getting rid of negativity Rainbow Moonstone - For balancing and healing the heart Amazonite - The perfect stone for soothing the soul and alleviating worry Citrine - For increasing energy levels and ridding the body of negative energy Happy Mother's Day SVP x

SVP Jewellery Mother's day gift of a rose quartz adjustable ring for unconditional love

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