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SVP is at SCOOP London - Gallery 7 on the 1st Floor.

We’ve got three sparkly new collections exclusively launching at SCOOP London 20-22nd September. Discover the iconic Bonbon collection now with new earrings, a ‘wear three way’ necklace and beautifully collectable charm bracelet. We’ve chosen really special showcase gemstones for these - stunning garnet, citrine and moonstone in silver and gold vermeil. SVP_lb2015-high-0716 Buyers will also get first pick of the brand new Sherbet Pip collection - the perfectly formed baby sister of the Bonbon, where we’ve taken delicate gold and silver and smaller size pip gems to create phalanx and adjustable rings with nine gemstone charms to choose from. There’s necklaces, bracelets and earrings to slide charms on and off - in as many tutti-frutti colourways you want to create. Sherbet Pip SVP Jewellery It’s the all new versatile. Change your ‘jewellery outfit’ as many times as you please. For our third and final collect we’re heading out of Africa. Our Apapa range is inspired by the founder’s upbringing in West Africa and showcases earrings styled on the African sun with stackable ear charms, necklaces and bracelets with clip-on charms. Because we believe in Change is Beautiful, the options are endless. SVP_lb2015-high-0768-done Come say hello. You’ll find us in Gallery 7 on the first floor 20-22nd September.
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