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The Dressing Room St Albans now stocks SVP Jewellery.

We are really excited to announce that SVPJewellery is now stocked in the iconic Dressing Room in St Albans. Last Sunday saw us on hand styling customers at their big event of the season, with a queue around the block we were on hand to show their lovely customers how to band, stack and style our adjustable rings. SVP Jewellery launches into The Dressing Room
Sarah Parham Queen of Rings at The Dressing Room St Albans
People buy from people. For us, events like the one at The Dressing Room really do make a huge difference to small challenger brands like ours. For us meeting everyone is part of the joy of what we do. Showing everyone how versatile our brand is was such great fun - and we hope we made everyone's world sparkle that little bit more last Sunday. If you'd like us to run a style event, why not get in touch here at SVP x
SVP Jewellery at The Dressing Room St Albans
SVP Jewellery The Dressing Room St Albans
Shop by Crystal Meaning SVP Jewellery at The Dressing Room

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