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The time when SVP met Emma Togwell blogger of Salty Air Sunskised Hair.

I was lucky enough to bump into Emma Togwell from the great blog Salty Air Sunkissed Hair at our Belgravia pop up store the other week. It turned out we were mutual fans of each others work and it seems from this interview we have a lot in common too - especially on the guilty pleasures front and yes... I do actually watch Housewives of Cheshire, perfect escapism on a Monday evening. Here's how we got on.

SVP: I am really curious to know hat inspired the name for your blog?

SASKH: My blog name was really born from a love of the beach. That feeling you get after a day in the sun, salty and sunkissed. The essence of feeling good and happy. It was a feeling I wished to convey in my writing. A little escapism and edit of all the lovelier things in life.. As the blog has evolved I have shortened it to make it less of a mouthful!


SVP: How long have you been blogging for?

SASKH: I have been blogging for 2 and ½ years. Originally there were 2 of us, my great friend Ria and myself. Ria has a full on job and is moving home currently so it is just me.

SVP: What do you most enjoy about what you do?

SASKH: The blog really is a creative outlet. I am obsessed with anything fabulous and under the radar, I get such a kick from discovering new small brands offering something original. In a world saturated with bloggers I try really hard to bring my lovely readers something they wouldn’t have seen before, from an authentic and real point of view. I would never blog about something I don’t either love or believe in. I also love to write, I adore words and for me its pure escapism. Salty_Air_Sun_Kissed_Hair_4 Salty_Air_Sun_Kissed_Hair_2 Salty_Air_Sun_Kissed_Hair_1

SVP: How did you go about building your audience?

SASKH: Building my audience, I wouldn’t say I had any kind of strategy for this. Just to be consistently me and hope others with similar ascetics would enjoy. It has happened organically and slowly.

SVP: You blog on everything from books, to fashion, travel and beauty - what is your favourite sector and why?

SASKH: I do cover lots of subject. Genuinely I would say I enjoy the fashion and books most. But equally, if I have been to a standout hotel or eatery I love to share also. I love reading blogs where you can feel the enthusiasm flowing through the words, rather than the standard I have been sent this so I am obliged to write about it. If I have kindly been sent something it will be because I adore it, otherwise there is no point. Mainly though things are purchased. I try my best to bring only the most wonderful experiences/fashion/books to my readers.

SVP: Where do you love to travel to?

SASKH: My all time favourite place to travel to is California. There is no where like it and its so incredibly varied. My top tip would be to hire a car and see it from the road. The coastline is stunning. Beach_Salty_Air_Sun_Kissed_Hair

SVP: Who and what inspires you?

SASKH: Inspiration for me is everywhere. It can be a girl in a coffee shop,( I will always quiz her on her outfit) A fabric store or a book. I always have a notebook and pencil with me. Song lyrics, a building, you name it! In terms of muses I look to Diane Keaton, Chloe Sevigny , Sienna Miller, Sofia Coppola to name but a few. I also adore SJP and Victoria Beckham and are continually inspired by them and their ease at reinvention.

SVP: What would be your best fashion tip for Spring Summer 18?

SASKH: Best Fashion tip for SS18. Hmmmm, well my personal favourite shows were Alice Temperley and Tory Burch. For me it seemed to be a return to glamour, but in a French Rivera kind of way ( the TV series was fashion inspo overload! )super glamourous but with a bohemian and ethereal vibe I adore. Of course this look isn’t for everyone. My top tip would be to find a look you like and make it your own. Tweak it, add in your own touches. And know that not all the trends suit everyone. And that’s fine. The cropped jean culottes that were big news this year? Dreadful on me, I am short with a curvy bottom. I need things to elongate me not cut my body in half! I would have looked fashion victim if I had succumbed. You can always nod to the trends if you aren’t sure. Take this seasons red for instance. If you are scared of colour, add a red scarf, handbag or red lip instead.

SVP: How would you describe your style?

SASKH: Style wise I don’t like to stick myself to one look. However of late I am favouring an oversized shirt and jeans with some statement earrings. Jewellery can really lift a simple look. It . In the summer I am full on bohemian, In the colder months I translate this into a kimono over jeans and again some jewellery. Other days I like to be super smart. I go with the flow depending on what I am doing and how many cakes vs smoothies I have been consuming!! Salty_Air_Sun_Kissed_Hair_5

SVP: What is your guilty pleasure?

SASKH: Guilty Pleasure is easy! Trashy TV in the form of any of the Real Housewives. Beverley Hills and Cheshire are my faves.

SVP: Where is your favourite place to hang out?

SASKH: Fave place to hang out, truly is anywhere with my family or good friends. The company always makes it. That said I love a Roka brunch. Its always such a great time.

SVP: If you could have lunch with anyone in the world - who would it be?

SASKH: If I could have lunch with anyone in the world it would be Sarah Jessica Parker. Like most women of my age, SATC was an integral part of growing up! I would love to talk fashion, shoes and find out about the real her. Sorry if this isn’t very original!! And I would meet her in New York, naturally!! Rodeo_Drive You can follow the adventures of Emma aka Salty Air Sun Kissed Hair here

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