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Warehouses, Facebook advertising and getting help with customer service.

You can read the other parts of how I changed career in my mid forties for better health and happiness below. Part one, part two, part three, part four and part five. This blog series has been written because you asked me to do it via Instagram and I want to help inspire others to start their own journey to better health and happiness. So, if you have any questions, my sparkly door is always open. You'll mainly find me on Instagram @svpjewellery

My world becomes full of boxes and tissue paper.

I am all about a calculated risk and if in doubt do nowt, thats always been my motto. Last Christmas was a case in point. I felt I could still manage all the picking and packing, the personal notes and the orders. And yes, I did happily until it got to November! Every day I was picking the beautiful rings you had all ordered, taking them out and placing them in our bespoke SVP gift boxes, picking out the pretty gemstone meaning cards and wrapping them in tissue with a packing note and a personalised note to you all. I was then down at the post office every day and every day I became more exhausted. I still wanted to chat to you all on Instagram, plan for this year and grow and work on the company in lots of different ways. I also had Christmas event with retailers and orders coming in from Ashok and the artisans in Jaipur India. I am not complaining, it was wonderful but very tiring and stressful. It was then I realised I had reached a point that I knew I needed that I needed to make a change. The wonderful @mutha.hood put me in touch with a couple of warehouses and after a couple of conversations I knew it had to be Haul and Store - we share the same values and service and wonderful people are at the heart of what they offer. If you are looking for help with warehousing I would thoroughly recommend them.

Wanting to build a bigger SVP family.

So warehousing in place, training done and a huge tissue paper and boxing weight off my shoulders I was curious to find more of you. I wanted to grow our sparkly SVP instagram community so that I could see what you all like and don't like and I wanted us together to start working on exciting new things. Your One Love Ring was a brilliant example. To celebrate reaching 10k I invited you all on instagram to design a ring. Lockdown had just happened (if you are reading this in the future I hope its a distant memory) and I wanted to create a little hope and a diversion from all the doom and gloom in the world. Together we chose the metal, the gemstone, the shape, the cut and you even named it too - One Love. It was perfect - you are all so talented;) Now we had reached an Instagram milestone I wanted to explore the possibility of Facebook Marketing to see how it could impact the brand. It is one of the most successful ways to grow the direct side of a business. So without further a do I started to connect with different people. I always believe in recommendation and after much hunting I was introduced to the lovely Jo from JDSocial We launched a campaign in July and it was her best launch to date, something I am immensely proud of. So now we have a warehouse, we have a bigger SVP family and I needed to keep you all happy.

How to keep everyone happy.

There is only one of me and I started to realise that I couldn't deal with all your enquiries and keep you all happy. I like everyone to be happy (not always possible as we are all human) as well as running the business so along came Rosie and Claire from Lear's Business Services and Solutions - if you need help with customer service and any other part of your business - these are a brilliant duo. You can find out more about them here So out rings are wrapped up warm in our warehouse waiting for their forever homes, my SVP family is growing which makes me so happy. I especially like to chat to you all on instagram and now Rosie and Claire help to keep you happy with all your lovely enquiries. Happiness everywhere;) Shop our adjustable rings here Follow us on instagram here SVP x
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