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We've been shortlisted for the Retailer Jeweller Awards!

SVP Jewellery shortlisted for Commercial Jewellery Designer Of The Year.

Any accolade when you have a small business is a great one, but I feel so honoured to be shortlisted in a really important category - Commercial Jewellery Designer of the Year by Retail Jeweller. 

This is so close to my heart as I want our adjustable rings to be enjoyed by all. I want to have a wide appeal so that many of you can wear and collect our pieces. 

Adjustable rings that fit everyone.

I know that hands come in all shapes and sizes and even with the ring sizing system (let's face it, who actually knows their ring size) it is complicated. Fingers change size throughout the day, through pregnancy, the heat, arthritis, some us have tiny fingers, some have large knuckles, it is what I think makes hands just so wonderful. Each one uniquely different.

Hands work hard so they all deserve to be adorned and shown a little love.

The super comfortable adjustable band means that you can band and stack in different ways too, so our adjustable rings become as versatile as say, a top. But, it's not just the adjustability that makes our rings so special it's the meanings too.

The new personalised jewellery is here.

Jewellery should be personal not just to the wearer but also to the person that's gifting too. Our adjustable rings make perfect personalised gifts - move over initials, there is a gemstone meaning for everyone it just Every SVP adjustable ring comes with it's very own gemstone meaning card and bespoke gift box too.

A big thank you to all the judges at Retail Jeweller who can see the commerciality in our brand.

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