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What is the meaning of a Promise Ring?

The history of Promise Rings

In the second century, the Romans had a custom of men giving a ring as a promise of marriage. Under Roman law, couples could not marry immediately after they announced their intention to do so. The husband to be would often give the woman a ring as a promise of marriage until the wedding ceremony took place.

What is a Poesy Ring?

Later in the 15th Century, in England, posy or poesy rings (the word was derived from the French word poésie meaning poem) They were engraved with notes of love and devotion and personalised messages and were given as a symbol of devotion and romantic attachment.

What are Promise Rrings?

Move on a few centuries and the modern ring giving tradition moved to the United States with high schoolers giving their girlfriends their pin or class ring to show that they were 'going steady’.

A Promise Ring is often given as the first symbol of commitment between two people in a romantic relationship. However, it does not signify a marriage proposal. Some see it as a pre-engagement ring, or to signify a steady closed relationship too.

Promise Rings can be a sign of commitment between two friends – a promise that they will always be there to support each other no matter what, or as a token of love between family members.

A Promise Ring signifies love in all of its guises.

 When should I give a Promise Ring?

  1. Maybe you are in a new relationship and it seems too soon to get engagement but you want to show your intentions
  2. You loved one may be overseas and you are navigating a long-distance relationship
  3. You may feel too young to get engagement and this is a way of showing your intentions
  4. Finances may not allow you to buy the ring of your dreams but for now a Promise ring is just perfect
  5. Gifting a friend a little love token to say you’ll always be there for them no matter what
  6. To share and show love for the people around you. A ring to show how much you mean to someone is a very beautiful thing.


The Sarah Verity buying guide for Promise Rings.

  • All our rings are adjustable so you won’t have any size issues. Our Promise Rings fit every finger
  • Our adjustable rings come in lots of different styles, which allows you to choose the ring that resonates with the wearer
  • All our adjustable rings will arrive with a gemstone meaning card to give a deep connection
  • We only use recycled sterling silver and recycled 18 carat gold vermeil – we believe in breathing new life into our pieces so that they can begin a new journey with you.


The top 5 Promise Rings.

Our Trillion Audie collection makes the perfect Promise ring.  Small delicate 6mm trillion gemstones set in our recycled sterling silver and recycled sterling silver and 18 carat gold vermeil each gemstone has a specific meaning.

 1. Discover our Rose Quartz for love here

Sarah Verity Rose Quartz Promise Ring

Audie Rose Quartz Promise Ring in gold

 2. Choose our Audie Labradorite for adventures – think of all the things you will do on your life journey together.

Discover your new beginning here

Labradorite new adventures promise ring - adjustable ring

Promise Ring by Sarah Verity

3. For a less traditional meaning why not try our pretty Mystic Topaz for good luck and fortune

Shop here 

Mystic Topaz Trillion Promise Ring

Mystic Topaz Promise Ring in Gold


4. Not a fan of pink, but want a gemstone that means love? Choose London Topaz for love as an alternative for Rose Quartz.

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Promise rings that fit every finger


5. Want to transform someone’s life – perhaps Malachite is right for you?

Transform your world here

Malachite Promise Ring Marquise set

Malachite Promise Ring


Discover our other gemstone rings that mean love here.



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