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Your invitation to design a ring with The Queen of Rings

As we enter a new year we were hoping for a brand new chapter with Covid firmly behind us, but in life, nothing wraps itself up in easy packages and the beginning of 2021 saw harsh restrictions and more isolation and misery for many.

SVP Is your brand.

Because many of us have had family festivities cancelled (Not just Christmas, there are many more celebrations at the is time of year, Ede, Diwali, Thanksgiving to name a few), I am sure we have all felt a little lost, desperate, sad and lonely at times.

I have always seen SVP as your brand rather than mine so I thought what could be better than if we all came together for a few minutes every day to design something beautiful filled with jewel like hope and positivity.

Creativity is so good for mental health as is community and this is a way of us all coming together in a positive uplifting way. It’s a small beacon of hope whilst we wait for the vaccine to roll out.

The magic of Instagram.

So, every day from 6pm this evening I will be live on Instagram hosting for you all, it’s a time where you can ask me anything – it doesn’t have to be about jewellery and we can all work together. After the live I will post some polls and that will be your chance to vote on what you’d like. We will choose metal, gemstone, cut of gemstone, price bracket and you’ll get to name it too.

Our amazing artisans.

Your design will then be sent over to our incredibly talented artisans in India where we can all track its progress. Do you know, it takes 19 pairs of hands to lovingly create each piece just for your hands.

How to join in.

Starting on the 3rd January at 6pm I will go live on instagram @svpjewellery and afterwards you will be able to vote on stories. I’ll announce each evening what you have voted for and we will move onto the next stage. Every day at 6pm for the next week – just for a few minutes to connect and support each other.

Looking forward to seeing you.

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