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All power to the flower at Mumbai’s Dadar Flower Market.

Over 70% of you voted on Instagram Stories for me to visit the flower market at Dadar or Dadar Phool Galli to be correct. This market runs alongside the overcrowded station of Dadar in Mumbai and is the oldest flower market in the city. A 5.30am wake up call got me up and out the door by 6am (thanks guys). But, wow what a sight. A total colour assault on the eyes, the most amazing floral aroma and a riot of colour fills this little pocket of Mumbai. Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai 8Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai 8 Dadar Phool Galli Bombay Dadar Phool Galli Mumnbai 3 The market sets up at 4am and sells thousands of flowers every day, mainly wholesale but when the festivals are on this place is literally heaving. The best times to visit are from 5.30am, it finishes at 9am so I would say if you snooze you lose. Dadar Phool Galli Flower Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai 9 Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai 3 Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai Dadar_Flower_Market_Mumbai_ Dadar_flower_market_SVP_Mumbai Dadar Phool Galli_Flower_Market Roses Dadar Flower Market Mumbai Dadar Phool Galli Flower Market Flower Market Mumbai Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai Dadar vegetable market Woman_Dadar_Flowers_Bombay Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai Flower Many people come from the outskirts of Mumbai to sell their wares whether it’s apta leaves (which are supposed to signify prosperity), different types of grass, mango leaves, marigolds, jasmine, rice heads and roses, orchids and lotus flowers and leaves overspill in every single corner. Time is money here and bartering is fierce, once they have sold up, they leave and come back the following day to do it all again. Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai Flower Market Dadar Phool Galli Flower MarketDadar Phool Galli Flower Market Woman_Dadar Phool Galli Flowers Mumbai Flowers Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai Dadar Phool Galli Mumbai Dadar Phool Galli Mumabi Flower Market Lotus Flower Dadar Flower Market Women Dadar Flower Market Mumbai Dadar Mumbai Flowers Market As well as the fixed vendors there are also people on the road just outside the station selling smaller quantities. This market rolls into the fruit and vegetable market which I went past and managed to capture some of the trading there too. This market is responsible for distributing all the vegetables across Mumbai every single day. Vegetable Market Dadar Mumbai Mumbai Vegetable Market Dadar Vegetable Market Dadar Mumbai Vegeatble Market Mumbai 3 Little fact: Dadar means ladder, perhaps indicative of its importance as an important connection between main Mumbai island and surrounding islands in the past. I'd love to know how old this market is, I couldn't find out anywhere so if anyone knows I'd love you to comment below. For one week as a thank you for reading this post we will be giving 10% off all SVP adjustable rings so you can create your own floral arrangement on your hands. Which ones will you choose? Find your favourites here The code is dadar10 Want to know how to get to Mumbai? Scroll down....
Dadar Phool Galli SVP Jewellery Mumbai
How do I get to Mumbai? The easiest way if you don’t know where you are going is to take an Uber (The Uber’s here in Mumbai are great and cheap too).If you feel nervous walking around on your own there are organised tours you can take too. I prefer finding things out for myself but if you want guidance try: Mumbai Magic Tours Grand Mumbai Tours I can’t vouch for either of them so I am not sure how good they will be. How to fly fry from UK to Mumbai I always fly Jet Airways from London Heathrow Terminal 4 They are consistently the cheapest with return flights starting at around £450 including taxes. The visas are easier now for holiday makers. Just go online and order yourself an e-visa, they usually come through in 24 hours. If there is somewhere where you'd like me to visit in the city please just leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you. Or if you have any suggestions or advice you need wen visiting India I will be happy to help. I hope you like the post, let me know what you think.
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