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Shop at Bungalow Eight, Mumbai with SVP Jewellery.

This beautiful concept store is on it’s third move in the city. Bungalow Eight launched at the Wankhede Stadium in the heart of Mumbai over 10 years ago, then moved to Colaba down by the Radio Club and now it has quietly moved back to it’s roots. Not the obvious choice for a shop, but that makes it seem all the more magical when you arrive at this wonderful lifestyle store. Scroll down to find out more... Bungalow Eight Wankhede Stadium Mumbai SVP Jewellery Bungalow Eight Mumbai Bungalow Eight Lifestyle Store Mumbai Hidden away underneath the stadium you’ll come across a beautiful door, windows and a very subtle sign. You’ve arrived. Founded by founder Maithili Ahluwalia and now with Isla Van Damme – fondly known as Loulou who plays an intergral role in the business today. Bungalow Eight was one of the first concept stores in Mumbai (I think the first was in the 60’s called Dagina run by Maithili’s grandmother) - please correct me if I am wrong.

Want to see more?

Scroll away Bunglaow Eight fashion concept store Mumbai Bunglaow Eight Fashion and Lifestyle Store Mumbai Bungalow Eight Lifestyle Store Mumbai Bungalow Eight Lifestyle Store Mumbai Accessories Bungalow Eight Mumbai Fashion Bungalow Eight Mumbai Shop The store is an eclectic mix of Indian antiques, I fell in love with a tiger and a dog (for anyone that knows me – of course I did). Fashion labels include their own as well as Aish of which I am a big fan, Injiri and Love Birds sit seamlessly side by side. Soft cottons, subtle colours and patterns, simple cuts surrounded by one off antique pieces sum up Bungalow Eight’s aesthetic. There is a real mix of statement necklaces and bracelets as well as simple sandals by Sevdah too. Concept Store Bungalow Eight Mumbai Bungalow Eight Mumbai Wankhede Stadium Bungalow Eight Mumbai Wankhede Stadiu Sevdah sandals Bungalow Eight Mumbai Bungalow Eight Lifestyle Store Mumbai Bungalow Eight Mumbai Fashion Accessories Bungalow Eight Wankhede Stadium Bungalow Eight Lifestyle Store Mumbai Don't be put off by walking through the entrance to the Mumbai Indians cricket ground it really is worth the stroll round the stadium to this oasis of gorgeousness. The address is here: Inside Wankhede Stadium, North Stand E & F Block, D Road, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020 Tel:022 2281 9880

How do I get to this shop of loveliness and how can I shop for paired back neutrals?

Scroll down for details Bungalow Eight Mumbai

Fly me into Bungalow Eight.

The easiest way if you don’t know where you are going is to take an Uber (The Uber’s here in Mumbai are great and cheap too).If you feel nervous walking around on your own there are organised tours you can take. I prefer finding things out for myself but if you want guidance try: Mumbai Magic Tours Grand Mumbai Tours I can’t vouch for either of them so I am not sure how good they will be.

How to fly fry from UK to Mumbai.

I always fly Jet Airways from London Heathrow Terminal 4 They are consistently the cheapest with return flights starting at around £450 including taxes. The visas are easier now for holiday makers. Just go online and order yourself an e-visa, they usually come through in 24 hours. If there is somewhere where you'd like me to visit in the city please just leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you. Or if you have any suggestions or advice you need wen visiting India I will be happy to help. I hope you like the post, let me know what you think. A fan of neutrals and soft palettes? Get your look here: RDR01SKGV_Roller_Disco_Dreams_Gemstones_Gold_Vermeil_SVP_Adjuatsable_Ring_Stack copy LSR01SKGV_Let_It_Shine_Gemstones_Gold_Vermeil_SVP_Adjustable_Ring_Stack
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