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Can you mix gold and silver rings?

There are no rules for styling different metals together but Sarah Verity CEO & Founder of Sarah Verity Jewellery follows a few guides to create effortlessly curated hands.

1. Chose two gemstones that complement each other that follow the same tone as the metal. 

How do I style gold and silver together.jpg

 2. Choose two bright contrasting colours from different collections, Audie and Rio always work well together. 

How to mix and match gemstones

3. Opposites attract. Pink and green should always be seen. We love our Highway Star set with soft Pink Quartz with our pretty Green Marine Quartz.

How to style pink and green gemstones

 4. For lovers of colour, keep the tone the same and contrast with colour and metal.

Rings that fit every finger

 5. Keep your colours cool for silver and warm for gold to crate the ultimate contrast. For instance a beautiful warm rose quartz (worn for love) set in our recycled 18 carat gold vermeil, stacked against our beautiful labradorite with it's cool tones set in recycled sterling silver look great together.

Labradorite and rose quartz rings

 6. Make your own rules - whatever you love, is all that matters.

Pink gemstone stacking adjustable rings

 Which combination is your favourite?

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