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How to care for your jewellery.

At Sarah Verity we developed a quick easy guide to keep your pretty adjustable rings in tip top shape.

1. Always keep your jewellery away from perfumes, make up and shampoo. 

To keep your SARAH VERITY jewellery at its best make sure you rinse it regularly in water at room temperature. Do not use hot water.

Jewellery care guide

2. Keep your jewellery away from strong lights and extreme heat.

Certain gemstones can be damaged under strong lights.

Keep jewellery away from strong light and extreme heat

3. Store your jewellery separately so your pieces do not rub.

Silver can tarnish with time and exposure to sunlight and humidity, so please keep it in a box or soft pouch preferably in a cool dark place.

How to care for your jewellery

4. Wear with care and protect your jewellery from bangs and scratches.

The ultimate jewellery care guide

5. Don't wear your jewellery when using chemicals, cleaning products or strong detergents.

How to care for your jewellery

6. Finally, always use a ring sizer to size your SARAH VERITY adjustable rings. It will avoid breakage and ensure they keep their shape and stay in tip top condition.

To make the ring bigger, gently push down on the ring sizer until you reach your desired size and to make smaller gently push the bands together and then slide over the ring size and gently push down, repeat the process until you reach your desired size.

How to size an adjustable ring

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