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Feel the Disco vibe with our new Disco Inferno and Dynamite SVP adjustable rings.

On the longest and warmest of late summer evenings, bring an exotic and enchanting addition to your look with our new Disco Inferno and Dynamite collections. Each one meticulously hand-crafted with a super comfortable adjustable band to fit every finger, meaning you can gift (if you really want to) band, stack and style just as you like.

Get your Disco on.

Inspired by the 70s disco and with subtle detail designed to add interest to any look, the new collections are an ode to Donna Summer. After spending warm evenings growing up in Africa, SVP Jewellery designer Sarah Parham wanted to recreate the glamour and passion of sultry night time parties, glasses chinking and dancing to the beat the new Disco Inferno and Dynamite collections bring those moments to life everyday. Make every day a Disco, shop Disco Inferno here. Shop Dynamite here DIR01MQYV_Disco_Inferno_Gold_Vermeil_SVP_Adjustable_RingDIR01MQYV_Disco_Inferno_Gold_Vermeil_SVP_Adjustable_Ring Dynamite_SVP_Jewellery_Adjustable_RingsDynamite_Sterling_Silver_Green_Quartz_SVP_Adjustable_Ring Dynamite_Gold_Stack_SVP_Adjustable_Ring Dynamite_Gold_Vermeil_Green_Quartz_SVP_Adjustable_RingDynamite_Gold_Vermeil_Pink_Quartz_SVP_Adjustable_Ring Dynamite_Sterling_Silver_Pink_Quartz_Adjustable_RingDynamite_Sterling_Silver_Black_Quartz_Adjustable_RingDynamite_Gold_Vermeil_Black_Quartz_Adjustable_SVP_Ring
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