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Go Supersonic with our new charm rings.

Our collection of RIO adjustable charm rings have been so popular we've added some new charms to the SVP family.

Meet the Supersonics.

A collection of three new adjustable charm rings have arrived. Choose from our pretty lightening bolts, sunstars and hearts. The collection is available in sterling silver set with a small black crystal or 18 carat gold vermeil set with a clear crystal. Stack them up, mix your metals or wear with other SVP jewellery to maximise your look.

Perfect for gifting.

Because every one of our rings is adjustable they make perfect gifts. Our sterling silver Supersonics are just £25 and in 18 carat gold vermeil £35. So if it's cheering someone up, making someones birthday special or just fancy a bit of self - gifting the Supersonics are here. Each one comes in a beautiful SVP gift box to keep your rings safe and looking beautiful. Shop and personalise your way here. Which one is your favourite? SVPx Adjustable Sterling Silver Charm Rings at SVP Jewellery Adjustable Sterling Gold Vermeil Charm Rings at SVP Jewellery SSR02CQYV_Heart_C SSR02BZYV_Heart_Charm_Clear_Quartz_Ring_Sterling_Silver_SVP SSR03CQYV_Sunstar_Charm_Clear_Quartz_Ring_Gold_Vermeil_SVP SSR02BZYV_Sunstar_Charm_Black_Quartz_Ring_Sterling_Silver_SVP SSR01CQYV_Lightning_Charm_Clear_Quartz_Ring_Gold_Vermeil_SVP_ SSR01BZSS_Lightning_Black_Quartz_Charm_Ring_Gold_Vermeil_SVP_ SVP_Jewellery_04_26_06_18139307
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