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Discover who makes your jewellery here at SVP.

With the Fashion Revolution Movement and mounting customer pressure - people want brands to be more transparent. There was one key question I asked myself when I set up SVP: If I could see where my rings were made would I still want to buy one? For me the product we were making had to be really beautiful - not just to look at - I had to get to know our supply chain, our craftspeople - every corner of the business, that's why last year I spent nearly 6 months out in India and the year before that too. I believe people buy from people and we should all look after each other to create something that's meaningful, joyful and kind. The world has been built on trade and we are doing our small bit to make sure that we are nice people to do business with. Meet the people who make your SVP Jewellery More than just a ring At SVP you aren't just buying a product, you are buying into so much more - you're are investing in us - the company, the craftspeople, their families and we are creating meaningful products that have a story and are truly beautiful - not just to look at. Come say hello here Follow our journey and DM us here To see our brand film come on over with us here To read more about me - Sarah Queen of Rings enter my sparkly door is here
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