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The SVP Stellar Moon adjustable ring has landed.

Our SVP Stellar Moon adjustable ring has landed on earth – just in time for Easter.

Welcome to the latest addition to our SVP adjustable ring Stellar family.

Choose from four lust-worthy gemstones; Labradorite for new adventures, Black Onyx for happiness, Rainbow Moonstone for Clarity and our beautiful Blue Sunstone that glitters like starry night for courage and power. Each stone is available in Sterling silver or 18 carat gold vermeil Find out which one is your favourite.

Make your Easter a lunar one.

What better time to launch this very special adjustable ring than for Easter. Every year Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon date, this combined with our crystal meanings for each stone this makes our Stellar Moon rings extra special.

How the Stellar Adjustable Ring was created.

19 pairs of hands make every single SVP ring and this Stellar range has been our most challenging to date. To get the smooth slice of stone thats 16mm in diameter and wafer thin is incredibly difficult and we've been through many variations to perfect this piece. The result a beautifully balanced stunning ring that can be banded along with other SVP rings. If you want to see how and who makes our rings you can see our SVP film here

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SNR01LAYV Stellar Moon Labradorite Gold Vermeil SVP Adjustable Ring SNR01BZSS_Stellar_Moon_Black_Quartz_Sterling_Silver_SVP_Adjustable_Ring SNR01BUYV_Stellar_Moon_Blue_Sunstone_Gold_Vermeil_SVP_Adjustable_Ring SNR01BUSS Stellar Moon Blue Sunstone Sterling Silver SVP Adjustable Ring

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