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Making Change Beautiful For Tigers.

This trip to India has been a bit different, a bit more special. We always strive to be more than just a product and like to make a difference where ever we can.

Our company ethos is Change is Beautiful.

We believe in helping make positive change for better health and happiness. For those that follow us you’ll know I take a tea date a week to help inspire people that reach out to me that want to start a fresh or just make a small change to bring more joy and happiness to their lives.

Our ethos doesn’t just stop at humans, it applies to nature and animals too.

I have been travelling in India for over 10 years now and have fallen in love with this country. A good friend of mine is a Good Will Ambassador for the tiger welfare up in Ranthambhore, which is about a three hour trip from Jaipur in Rajasthan. We decided to take a trip together so I could start to understand what is happening in the area and why these beautiful creatures need our help.

There are around 70 tigers in Rajasthan.

The numbers have doubled since 2013, but it is an ongoing project, the park has to be sustainable. The tigers need to be more valuable alive than dead to discourage poaching and the land needs to be increased which means whole villages moving so the tigers can live and breed naturally.

Where did conservation in Rajasthan begin?

It began with one man called Fateh Singh, who has left an incredible legacy not just for tigers but for the community who live in the region. A school, a hospital as well as developing a whole eco system for the tigers to live and breed and grow in numbers.

What is SVP doing to help?

We are taking one small step to help these beautiful creatures, we have teamed up with TOFTigers, who also work with Fateh’s family (Fateh sadly passed away in 2011 and his son and family now take over his amazing work).

Meet our tiger ring – yet to be named

20% of each ring* will go to this amazing charity. The adjustable ring has been expertly hand-crafted using recycled sterling silver and recycled 18 carat gold vermeil – each piece already has it’s own story and you will be giving it a new one.

The perfect stone for tigers and a percent stone grounding and re-balancing.

A smooth slice of the gemstone tigers eye has been used in this stunning new ring. Tigers Eye is worn and used for grounding, and is said to guard against ill wishes from others whilst warding off negative emotions and thoughts. It can be used to release fear and anxiety by helping with re-grounding and rebalancing. Chakra: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. For more information on TOFTigers please visit their site here If you’d like to see out trip please visit our Instagram page and go to our story highlights

Fancy going on a tiger adventure?

We stayed where it all began at Fateh's Retreat, you can find out more about his work and the accommodation here

Tigers at Ranthambhore

Arrowhead tiger at ranthambore copy Mum Arrowhead and her two tiger cub daughters Tiger cub at Ranthambhore Tigers at Ranthambhore - two cubs of Arrowhead Tiger pug Ranthambhore

A guard to help keep the tigers safe - he only has a stick for protection.

On the ground keeping watch over the tigers

Bhushan Sethi - Good Will Ambassador for tigers.

Bhushan Sethi Tiger Goodwill Ambassador copy Bhushan Sethi and Sarah Parham SVP Jewellery at Ranthambhore Change is Beautiful Sarah Parham SVP Jewellery

Out with a guide at first light to discover the work they do with tourists.Early Morning with guide at Rathambhore

Learning about tiger parkland V farmers land.

Land Ranthambhore National Park Tigers land V Farmers land Ranthambhore Guide at Ranthambhore Keeping warm by the campfire Sarah Parham SVP Jewellery

A Bluebull - part horse, part cow and part deer.

Bluebull at Ranthambhore

A tiger needs one deer a week to survive - thats 52 deer a year for each tiger.

Deer at Ranthambhore

stag at ranthambhore

The moneys work with the deer and give warning if there is a leopard or tiger near by.

monkeys in Rajasthan

Wild boar are a common sight both in and out of the park.

Wild Boar at Ranthambhore

Many communities have been given government money to move their families and farmland to give back land for the tigers to survive.

Communities at Rantambhore park with SVP Jewellery

A new school is being built for a community that's moved.

New school being built at ranthambhore communities at Ranthambhore

A roof top meeting to find out how the move has gone and what the village needs.

Roof top meeting to understand the communities that have moved

Our meeting here was frosty - we hear he is leaving the post to the relief of many people.

Field Officer meeting in Ranthambhore

At the Oberoi to meet two men who spy so they can understand exactly what is going on in the park.

Sarah Parham - SVP Jewellery

Conservation began here - with Fateh Singh.

Fateh Singh Ranthambhore We stayed at the family homestay and had a meeting with Fateh's son - Goverdhan Dr. Goverdhan Singh Rathore Sarah Parham SVP Jewellery and Bhush Sethi Good Will Ambassador

This is Fateh's Retreat - the perfect place to stay.

Fateh's lodge maa farm

The first designs of our new tiger adjustable ring.

Adjustable tiger ring SVP Jewellery

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