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SVP Jewellery gets shortlisted for Emerging Jewellery Brand of The Year.

SVP Jewellery - Emerging Jewellery Brand of The Year 2020.

We are really excited to announce that we have been short-listed for Emerging Jeweller Brand of The Year for 2020 by Retail Jeweller.

Thank you.

It is thanks to all our amazing craftspeople we work so closely with. We are continuously developing new collections and new facets and gemstones keeping our brand fresh and exciting for all our retailer sand customers. And it's thanks to all our retailers for supporting a new brand, for believing in us when we don't have the might of the bigger brands, for working closely with us for the good of everyone. Thank you to all our customers, every single adjustable ring has been made with love by 19 pairs of talented hands for yours. We all take huge pride in what we do. Ever single person who has bought, liked commented, shared, talked about us have helped us get to this point. And a special thank you to our craftspeople, Tracey @TM agencies who has helped with our growth over the last 8 months and of course to my family and friends - none of this would be possible without you.

It all starts with tea.

I believe in ground up and it all starts with tea, the person who makes the tea is at the beginning of it all, fuelling, giving calm and warmth through this amazing drink. It's a conversation starter and that is why all our meetings start with tea, it makes people more relaxed to do business and opens up more honest conversations, it fuels new ideas, new marketing initiatives and exclusives too. This is what has helped us grow over the past 12 months and we can't wait for the next 12.

Cheers to all of us, we did it!

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