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One Love - an adjustable ring lovingly designed by all of you.

A ring designed by you.

At the beginning of lock down we all had a huge mix of emotions, all of a sudden our lives were turned upside down and with that comes fear, shock, despair, worry and stress and a realisation that things are never going to be quite the same again.

A ring full of hope.

At SVP we wanted to give you all a little bit of hope, to give you something to look forward to every evening away from the news and doom and gloom. I thought it would be to concentrate on all coming together to create something full of meaning and positivity that had a piece of you in it. Every evening I went live and posted an IGTV and together we created a ring. You chose everything from the metal (okay this was almost 50/50 so we have create a sterling silver and 18 carat gold vermeil version for you), to the gemstone – you wanted a neutral stone. I then gave multiple options on all the neutral stones we offer and there was an outright winner - Rainbow Moonstone. Next to chose was the shape and facet (how a stone is cut). You chose a beautiful hexagonal stone, a perfect 1omm in size.

A gemstone with a perfect meaning,

Rainbow Moonstone is used for the healing of the heart and balance. It is good for meditation to help get insight and clarity about yourself. If you’re at an emotional crossroads in life, Rainbow Moonstone can help to show you the way.We couldn't of chosen a more perfect stone ourselves.

One Love.

We held a competition so you could all name the ring, the name was chosen at random and it couldn't be more perfect - One Love.

Our talented craftspeople got to work.

We sent the finished design over to Jaipur and as soon as their lockdown had eased they got to work creating this very special piece.

Giving back.

We wanted One Love to live up to it's name, we want it to be special for you, designed by you for you in a time of turbulence you chose the most perfect name and the stone has the meaning to match. Over in India CoVid has not just had a huge effect on people getting sick and dying, it has had a knock on effect with starvation and with migrant workers who travel sometimes thousands of miles to get work in cities so they can send money back to their families for food and bills. With no public transport available people have started to walk thousands of miles just to be with their families. Jasper Reid gas been raising much needed money (there is no government help and no benefit system in India) to help those most at need. For those interested and if you want to find out more please click here

10% of sales will go towards helping the starving and migrant workers in India.

Our ring has to love up to its name so 10% of all sales will go back to India to help those most at need.

Thank you.

You have helped to make my lock down shine bright and this ring means so much to me personally. The very fact you chose everything and now we can give back to India is very special. One Love. Shop your One Love adjustable ring here. SVP x

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