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The SVP approach to making your adjustable rings.

Pre-ordering with SVP Jewellery.

We know many of you have pre-ordered adjustable rings with us and we have been regularly updating you on their progress on our instagram stories. Pre-ordering means you purchase from us and we give our craftspeople money to enable them to create that special piece just for you. Reducing waste is key for us as a brand, we produce items in small quantities and take pre-orders on some styles too which ensures you get the rings you want before they go out of stock. Our Nivarna and Highway Star collections have been a really big hit so we decided to let you pre-purchase so you wouldn't be disappointed. We carry stock for our website, but it is very minimal to reduce waste.

19 pairs of hands to create each piece especially for you.

It takes time and expert craftsmanship to create each piece, but our videos we hope, show you the amount of work thats taken to create each ring especially for you. From designing to choosing the gemstones to faceting with minimum waste and using only recycled metals. Being ethical and kind is at the heart of SVP.

A slow approach

Taking time to create, design and finally delivered to you means we can oversee every single part of the process, we have someone that quality checks every single part of the process for us over in Jaipur that is dedicated to me, you and our brand. When the world allows I will be back over in Jaipur working side by side our artisans driving our brand forward with you - it is your brand and we want you to be happy and we want our artisans to be happy to0. The relationships we have fostered with our artisans are real, I have spent many many months in the city of Jaipur to develop and foster great relationships, as we flourish so do they as they help bring our visions to life.

Thank you

We understand that pre-orders are about trust that we will deliver which is why we take you on the journey and share with you the work that's going on behind the scenes, we also think it makes your pieces more special as it brings a greater connection.

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