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Sarah Verity Jewellery Shortlisted for Commercial Jewellery Designer Of The year

We are so excited to announce that we have been shortlisted again for Commercial Jewellery Designer of the Year with Retail Jeweller. Last year saw us win this title, and we have been short listed a total of four times now.

Commercial Jewellery Designer Of The Year.

Commercial Jewellery Designer of The Year 2023 Retail Jeweller

For us being commercial isn't just about selling lots of products, true commerciality in today's world has to be created, designed and sold with integrity with of course a great Rate of Sale.

SARAH VERITY is not fast, it is considered, kind and fair. We work closely with our brilliant merchandisers Flourish who ensure we have the correct price points, gemstones and designs on offer to ensure we optimise our sales and help our retailers get a good rate of sale with good margins.

Commercial without compromise.

At the heart of our brand are people, our artisans, our retailers, agents, merchandisers, customer service, designers, warehouse and you, our customers - who we would not be here without. 

That combined with beautiful collectable designs all set with gemstones that hold special meanings makes a great modern commercial company. 


Thank you, for every like, purchase, comment and recommendation, by supporting SARAH VERITY you are supporting all of us and that is the power we all have to make the lives and change the lives of those that work with us.

From us to you...

Thank you

Sarah xx

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