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SVP interviews the gorgeous blogger Brittany Bathgate.

The brilliant Brittany Bathgate has been working with SVP to help promote our brand ethos – Change is Beautiful. Brittany has a loyal following and we thought it would be nice to share with our readers an insight into the super talented and most stylish blogger. Here is our interview and if you’d like to follow Brittany to style inspiration and to find out more you can catch her here 1.When did you first realise that fashion was your passion? I can’t really pinpoint an exact moment in time when I realised I was into fashion but I can vividly remember high school was definitely when I became more and more conscious of what I was wearing. I started to take ownership over how I wanted to look rather than just letting my dad pick out my clothes. 2. What led you to fashion blogging? And is that solely what you do? Instagram definitely played a big role. If it weren’t for Instagram Fiona from The Nor-Folk would never have found me and invited me to be the style contributor at The Nor-Folk. In terms of my personal blog it was the increasing popularity of my Instagram account that really gave me the push to start. With increasing followers and the same questions being asked regularly I felt I needed a bigger more accesible platform to showcase my style on so starting a blog seemed the next logical step. Blogging isn’t solely what I do, I also work full time as a Visual Merchandising. 3. Whose style do you admire and why? Leandra Medine because she dresses for herself and exudes confidence. 4. What are your key pieces for SS15? And what have you got your eye on for AW15? Key thing for me in spring and summer is comfort and ease so I’m really lusting over anything that wraps or has a tie waist Think…Obi Wan (I know sartorially that sounds terrible) Three things I’m searching for as the weather gets milder are a light weight bomber jacket, pastel pink sweater and the perfect pair of culottes. It’s hard to think about next winter when it feels like this one isn’t even over yet. Margaret Howell AW15 has got me wanting lots of mannish classics. 5. How would you describe your style? A mix of classic and contemporary SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 6. What is your favourite item you own and why? Probably my breton stripe from Comme Des Garcons PLAY, the quality is great and the fit is just perfect. I can always rely on it to fix outfit dilemmas. It’s easy and timeless, two qualities I look for a lot in clothes. 7. How do you buy? Online/offline, Vintage/new, high street, boutique designer or high end designer? I am a massive online shopper, the city I live in doesn’t have much to offer in terms of my style. There’s no COS and no Other Stories (2 of my favourite stores) so whenever I’m in London I make a beeline for them both. I buy a mix of high street and higher end high street with the occasional designer splurge if I love something enough. I recently invested in an A.P.C satchel and it was worth every penny! 8. Do you use shopping apps? When I’m struggling to find a particular item or I’m feeling too lazy to scour the internet I use an app called Shop Style. You just type in what you’re looking for and it does all the hard work for you. 9. How would you describe your writing style? I’m still finding my feet when it comes to writing, because my posts are prodominataly about what I’m wearing I think people are more interested in the images rather than the text so for now while I am finding my writing style I’m keeping text short and to the point. Where you can find me and
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