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SVP Jewellery is leading the way in how we work with influencers.

We were recently included in The Future Laboratory's article on whether head office staff are the new retailers? We are one of the brands leading the way when working with influencers and we were proud to sit along side the likes of ASOS and Macy's. Future Laboratory contacted us to find out more about how we work with influencers and how and where this sector will grow.

How to grow without a budget.

“As a young brand we don’t have the budgets to pay influencers in the same way as for example Marks and Spencer or John Lewis. We have had to adapt and think a little differently on how we approach our business. We don’t like the a scattergun approach some small/independent brands use; gifting hundreds of influencers and bloggers in the hope they will get tagged or a post created for them - as an influencer why would you if you have no personal relationship? It becomes a waste of effort, money and time - all of which are critical when starting out. When you see lots of influencers in the same piece it's not genuine.

Authenticity is key.

We want to work with people we genuinely like, that fit the brand and that we can help in other ways, they obviously have to like us too and love what we do. I put a few hours aside each week and take an influencer out for tea or breakfast, the relationship usually starts off on Instagram. I like doing business face to face, it gets people more engaged and both parties get more out of it. We want influencers to choose a piece they genuinely love so they will wear it and tag us more often rather than a one hit wonder.

Talent swopping is the new currency.

I first met Flora from @jewelleryforbreakfast when she had a couple of hundred followers. I thought her feed was great and the fact that she only features jewellery was interesting. We met for tea and I really liked her and what she was trying to achieve. I gifted her a ring as a thank you for meeting me. She posted regularly as she chose a piece she genuinely loved.

Building transparent relationships is key for growth.

A few months later we met again and she said she’d like to work in the industry and set up her own brand and wasn’t sure how to start. I mentor people as I love sharing knowledge. We have been working together building her brand, in return she models for us, helps with PR and of course mentions us on her feed. We will be using other influencers later on this year/2020. I like to use real people rather than models - I think it makes our brand more relatable to our audience.

How will brands communicate and find their customers in the future?

What will the retail landscape look like? I come from an advertising background and now I see influencers as the new advertising agency for some sectors. I am curious on what is next and always looking for new, innovative different ways to do things. We also work with Erica Davies. We were the first brand to use an influencer to create a capsule collection, since then M&S, QVC and others have followed suit. The collaboration was was mutually beneficial, she was involved in the design, she helped spread the word through her audience and in return she was paid a percentage for every ring sold and we still made money and it amplified our brand. It's a win win for a small start up.

Don't conform and don't stick to the rules.

I think there are lots of ways to work with people and there should be no rules. We are looking for influencers to collaborate with this year and we also design one-off pieces for retailers in small numbers which gives them exclusivity and for the customers they know it’s just a limited edition so it’s buy now or miss out. And, we are of course always interested in new ways of working, so, if you want to join in please get in touch." Says Sarah Parham CEO& Founder of SVP jewellery

Want to collaborate?

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