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SVP's new must-have Whispering Hope adjustable stacking rings have landed.

We are so excited to announce our new Whispering Hope adjustable rings have landed and are looking for new homes. Choose form six new styles and two beautiful gemstones. Each ring has been meticulously hand-crafted and cut to appear like fine jewellery without the price tag to match. Choose square or circular set and mix and match with our sphere and cube Whispering Hope adjustable rings.

Small has never been this beautiful.

These pretty delicate rings were inspired by architecture and all the high rise offices across the world, we pay homage to those buildings filled full of hopes and dreams.

Crystal Meaning.

The SVP range of adjustable stacking rings uses black quartz for happiness and clear rock crystal known as the master healer stone.

Why not start your collection today.

Shop our Whispering Hope rings in sterling silver for £59 and 18 carat gold vermeil at £69 How will you wear yours? WHR04NSSS_Whispering_Hope_Sphere_Sterling_Silver_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR03NSSS_Whispering_Hope_Cube_Sterling_Silver_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR02CZSS_Whispering_Hope_Clear_Quartz_Sterling_Silver_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR02BZSS_Whispering_Hope_Black_Quartz_Sterling_Silver_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR01CZSS_Whispering_Hope_Clear_Quartz_Sterling_Silver_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR01BZSS_Whispering_Hope__Black_Quartz_Sterling_Silver_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR04NSYV_Whispering_Hope_Sphere_Gold_Veremil_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR03NSYV_Whispering_Hope_Cube_Gold_Veremil_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR02CZYV_Whispering_Hope_Clear_Quartz_Gold_Veremil_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR02BZYV_Whispering_Hope_Black_Quartz_Gold_Veremil_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR01CZYV_Whispering_Hope_Clear_Quartz_Gold_Veremil_SVP_Adjustable_Ring WHR01BZYV_Whispering_Hope_Black_Quartz_Gold_Veremil_SVP_Adjustable_Ring
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