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The adjustable ring designed by you for you.

We want SARAH VERITY to be a fully inclusive brand not just because we offer our adjustable bands - one size fits all, but with how we operate too.

Jewellery with a real connection.

19 pairs of hands create every single ring just for your hand and every adjustable ring comes with a gemstone meaning card - giving a real connection to you.

On a cold dark January evening we handed the design reigns over to you. For us, this is such an important project, we want to create pieces that you will love and treasure forever - we think of them as mini heirlooms.

For one week Sarah went live on Instagram to discuss each phase of the design process.

At the end of each live we all voted on all the different options we discussed.

Jewellery design by you.

On a cold dark January evening we handed the design reigns over to you. The aim? Just to simply cheer us all up and create a special exclusive piece just for you.

Day 1. 

You chose 50/50 on gold and silver so we are offering your ring in both recycled sterling silver and recycled 18 carat gold vermeil.


Gold and silver

Day 2. 

You chose the price point - this determines the size of gemstone and weight of metal we use. You also chose between a ring with one gemstone or two...

One gemstone style rings

Day 3.

We had to choose between, neutral, pastels and brights - you chose...


Bright gemstones

Day 4.

We gave you options on bright gemstones to choose from and Sarah threw in a wild card - Labradorite.

Labradorite gemstone

Day 5. 

On our penultimate day we chose the shape of the gemstone and you chose a classic emerald cut. 

Emerald cut gemstone

Day 6. 

The competition launches to name your ring and the winner was...


Adjustable ring to fit every finger


Pre-order book is open until the 5th February.

Shop Recycled Sterling Silver Delores Adjustable Ring here

Delores Sarah Verity Adjustable Ring set with Labradorite

Shop Recycled 18 Carat Gold Vermeil Delores Adjustable Ring here

Delores Adjustable Ring by Sarah Verity Jewellery

An adjustable ring designed by you for you.

What happens next?

We will create and sign off a CAD drawing and then we will start to create your ring especially for you.

Sarah Verity artisans in India

Labradorite rough Sarah Verity Jewellery

Sarah Verity jewellery craftsman

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