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Meet Kate Jenkins, an award-winning artist

Welcome to the magical world of Kate Jenkins.

A magical cornucopia of playful pop-art crochet, knit and embroidery creations. Kate is best known for her food-focused treats, which intertwine her trademark sense of humour with colourful yarns constructed into everything from patisserie pleasures to prawn platters..’

Most recently, her artworks have been commissioned for projects by Viking Cruises, Royal Mail and the fashion label, Anthropologie. Exhibitions have popped up in Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam and New York. Bespoke artworks adorn the walls of fans’ homes from Beverly Hills to Brisbane, Bahrain to Brighton, where Kate Jenkins Studio is based.

“While my journey has been varied and exciting, one thing never changes,” she says. “Whatever I create, whether it’s a carton of French fries, a tin of sardines or a box of frogs I always include lots of warmth and a dash of wit. Above all, I want my work to make people smile.”

Kate Jenkins knitted artist

We love your work – and yes, it guarantees a smile every single time we look at your art. Have you always been an artist?

I made the switch from swatching in 2003 as I wanted to set up my own label 'Cardigan' which specialised in knitted accessories including scarves, hats, gloves and homeware. After working as a freelance knitwear designer for many years I felt it was time to create my own label. I had just moved to a new studio and didn't have an advertising budget so I decided to create a mini collection of crocheted plates of food called 'Comfort Food' and exhibited them in my studio to promote my label. They all sold and I was approached by various galleries and publishers who wanted to work with me on various commissions and projects and from that moment onwards my career as an artist began. 

Knitted cat food Kate Jenkins artist

What gave you the idea to create your pieces?

I started to create food as I have always loved cooking and experimenting with different dishes and wanted to try this out in a different format. I love the way yarn can be turned into anything you want and as the combinations of food are endless this seems to be an amazing source of inspiration. Also I think food connects people, evokes memories of childhood and generally resonates with people in many ways. 

Kate Jenkins knitted artist

Kate Jenkins interview with Sarah Verity Jewellery

Kate Jenkins Brighton knitted artist

Kaste Jenkins artist

Kates Cafe Kate Jenkins artist Brighton

Kate Jenkins ice cream parlour artist

Show us your favourite piece. Why this one?

I get asked this question a lot and I always answer with this.. it is always the last piece of work I have created. So the last commission I did was a bottle of Chanel no 5 including a bag and set of gift soaps all knitted for Chaos 69 The Scent Issue celebrating all things Chanel. It is a beautiful publication that I am very proud to be featured in plus I loved creating something that wasn't food (for a change)
Knitted Chanel by Kate Jenkins artist
Kate Jenkins Artist Chaos Magazine Chanel makeup

How do you describe your personal style?

My personal style has always been simple and mainly black and I never leave the house without applying Mac Viva Glam lippy.

Food plays a huge part of your business – what’s your favourite dish to eat?

I don't really have a favourite dish as there are so many but if I had to choose my last supper it would be a good old fashioned curry complete with Onion Bhagees, Panneer and Pea curry with Basmati Rice, Poppadoms and pickles.


Favourite restaurant?I love going out for dinner and to be inspired by the way restaurants present food as I am always on the lookout for inspiration.. I love Riddle & Finns on the seafront in the summertime as the selection of seafood is second to none in Brighton and the view is glorious.

Kate Jenkins artist fish counter

Fish counter knitted Kate Jenkins artist

And which are your favourite SARAH VERITY adjustable rings?

My favourite Sarah Verity's are the Durga Tigers Eye in Sliver and The Stellar Lightning Black Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone.

Follow Kate on Instagram @kjcardigan Shop Kates favourite rings here

Stellar Rainbow Moonstone Lightning ring

Stellar Lightning Recycled Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

Shop Stellar Lightning Bolt Black Quartz Adjustable ring here

Recycled Sterling Silver lightning adjustable ring by Sarah verity


Shop Kate's favourite Durga Tigers Eye adjustable ring here

Durga tigers eye adjustable ring by Sarah Verity

Some images taken by the wonderful Clemantine @milknosugarstudios 

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