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The day I found a new gem: Bar Palladio in Jaipur.

I have been travelling to Jaipur for the past three years and I have always felt that what was missing was a great bar and restaurant. Yes, there's Ramburgh Palace for ultimate opulence and a dozen other places around the city, as well as some fantastic local restaurants too, but for me I wanted somewhere laid back I could visit after work.

Hello Bar Palladio, you are most welcome to my life.

Last year Bar Palladio opened and suddenly my working day changed. There is no other way to describe it other than it feels like you are being transported into a magical wonderland where everything is stunningly beautiful and calm. (trust me the word calm is important when you are in any of the Indian cities). Now as a person that only does colour with her work, I am purely neutrals in every other part of my life I was not prepared to fall in love with this little blue corner of Jaipur as much as I did. Bold blue and white with hints of reds and a bar that I was just as happy staring at as I was drinking from. The mirrors that take you to different spaces in the restaurant without moving an inch. This place is the genius of Dutch designer Marie-Anne Oudejans. Bar Palladio is nestled in the grounds of Narain Niwas Palace Hotel with wandering peacocks, mango trees and a magical garden of tented canopied day beds, it's the perfect place to lounge in whilst slurping on a gin or three. I am a convert. Blue is now definitely the new black for me. This is the place that I think about often and just another reason why I love Jaipur. I'll be posting more on my adventures every week. I'd like to know what you'd like to see more of and I'd love to know what you think. Have you ever visited? Would you like more recommendations on this beautiful city? Want to know how to get here? Scroll down for more... SVP x SVP_Jewellery_Bar_Palladio_Jaipur_9 SVP_Jewellery_Bar_Palladio_Jaipur_8 SVP_Jewelllery_Bar_Palladio_Jaipur_7 SVP_Jewellery_Queen_Of_Rings_Bar_palladio_Jaipur SVP_Jewellery_Bar_Palladio_Jaipur_9 SVP_Jewellery_Bar_Palladio_Jaipur_8 SVP_Jewellery_Bar_Palladio_Jaipur_4

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SMR01BCSS_Blue_Chalcedony_Sterling_Silver_SVP_Ring SMR01BCYV_Starman_Blue_Chalcedony_Gold_Vermeil_SVP_Ring MDR01BAYV_Moondance_Blue_Lace_Agate_Gold_Vermeil_SVP_Ring ROR01BQSS_Rio_Blue_Quartz_Sterling_Silver_SVP_Ring How to fly fry from UK to Jaipur. I always fly Jet Airways from London Heathrow Terminal 4 They are consistently the cheapest with return flights starting at around £450 including taxes. The visas are easier now for holiday makers. Just go online and order yourself an e-visa, they usually come through in 24 hours. I usually fly into Mumbai and then get a connecting flight up to Jaipur with Jet or Indigo. However you can also fly into Delhi and then on from there. I hope you like the post, let me know what you think.
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